Medical alert systems and medical monitoring nationwide. Our Personal Emergency Response System will let you live a more confident, safe and independent lifestyle knowing that at the touch of a button, MedMonitoring is always here, waiting to answer your call for help should you ever need it. Let us protect your family. We are your 24hr personal companion for medical response. Our tabletop unit provides Medical, and emergency help at the push of a button. Smoke detectors can be added into your system for additional peace of mind. We can save you up to 40+% over ADT We also carry DIY Security , CCTV and remote video systems.


The Newest in Medical Alert and Monitoring Technology...

Mobile Medical, Mobile Alert, Mobile PERS, M-PERS or Mobile Personal Emergency Response Sysyems...

This is the way the whole Medical Alarm Industry is moving. Mobile PERS allows you to take the same medical protection you have at home with you anywhere!


MobileHelp from MedMonitoring


Mobile Medical Alert System for Seniors. Mobile Medical Alert
Traditional Medical Alert base unit with built-in charger for the portable GSM/GPS Communicator.

This mobile Medical Alert System works at home or away.

At home, this system works just like a normal Medical Alert System with a wireless pendant you wear and push in an emergency. When pushed, an operator answeres through your base unit to determine the emergency and what actions to take.

When away from home, carry your Moile Medical Alarm/Communicator with you. In the event of an emergency, pushing the button on your Mobile Help System will connect you to your Medical Alert operator who will have your location and medical history on the computor screen.

24/7 Monitoring for Medical Alert Systems



The 911SafePhone is a small mobile GPS/GPRS/GSM personal tracker and phone, specially made for elderly care and children,

The 911SafePhone is a small mobile phone with big buttons and SOS for emergency call, it is also a data logger, which allows tracking, communicating with family members, lone workers, providing them with multiple security features at the touch of a button. 2 way voice call, 2 way message communication, Large LCD GPS display for navigation and data logger 100,000 waypoints, it is also an ideal device for vehicle tracking and navigation.

-    2-way Communications with our MedMonitoring Central Station.
-    GPS Location shown in an emergency if client does not know where they are.
-    Ability of family and caregivers to see where the user is anytime!
-    GeoFence Alerts if the phone goes into/out of restricted area
-    Speed Violations
-    Emergency calls
-    Ability to call 4 numbers

PERSWatch/Wander Alarm

December 2010... Personal Emergency Response System you wear on your wrist!

Wear this unique device to get help when you are away from home. This MobilePERS Watch offers 2-way communications to the Medical Alert Central Station as well as the ability to make a call to a pre-programed number and receive phone calls.

A special version of this watch will lock onto persons with Altzheimers or Dementia and allow you or our Central Station to monitor if the person leaves an area that you define.

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